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Indy Aerial Drone Photography LLC

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Indy Aerial Drone Photography

When it comes to capturing the beauty that you see around you, photography provides the best tool to take you down the memory lane back to where you want to go. A simple photograph is enough to transport you to another world, another time, and with the finest technological developments and state-of-the-art gadgets, the art of photography is elevated like never before.

At Indy Aerial Drone Photography, the best experience is provided with the best photography, giving you a breathtaking view from above that shows you everything for a brand new perspective. Whether it is the awe-inspiring skyline of the downtown Indianapolis, the serene beauty of city's residential, or the majesty of mother nature, Indy Aerial Drone Photography gives you the best views with their professional service and state-of-the-art equipment.

What is aerial photography

Aerial photography is the latest trend, invention, and innovation in the world of photography. Inspired by the bird's view of our world, people have been using aerial photography for decades through the use of planes, helicopters, satellites, and even hot air balloons. Aerial photography was used for mapping and geography, as well as military information, for which it is still used today. However, due to the amazing developments in drone equipment and gadgets, aerial photography is better than ever and accessible to everyone.

You can now see the world from the sky, giving you a previously unexperienced view that inspires beauty and adventure. Looking at aerial drone photography, we are once again reminded of the magnificence of the world around us and suddenly our problems seem small. There are stunning sceneries to captured, beautiful skylines to be observed, and the magnitude of places to be measured, which is only possible through excellent aerial photography, like that provided by Indy Aerial Drone Photography.

Aerial photography by drone makes it possible to capture vistas that seemed impossible before, like the hidden tavern across cliffs, or the panoramic 360-degree view of the city. Employing a keen eye, steady hand, and amazing skill, Indy Aerial Drone Photography manages to capture impactful photographs that last.

The beauty of Indianapolis

Located in Indianapolis, the bustling capital of Indiana state, Indy Aerial Drone Photography understands the beauty and majestic of the city and its inhabitant buildings and surroundings. With packages ranging from residential, nature, and commercial, the service provides the best views Indianapolis has to offer in vibrant and breathtaking colors.

From the peaceful Canal walk in downtown Indy to the wonderful White River Trail in Speedway, from Monon Rail Trail in Keystone to the White River State Park downtown, our aerial photography covers all your photography subjects from the sky, with a complete and unabridged view that the naked eye cannot see. The services provided by Indy Aerial Drone photography are for the city of Indianapolis and neighboring areas because they have the knowledge and expertise in the area, and can best understand the essence of Indy.

As one of the oldest cities in the USA, Indianapolis will complete its 200 years in 2020, making it even more culturally important and significant to photograph.

Aerial drone photography

Aerial photography through drones for commercial reasons is still a relatively new concept. Drones have been used as visual aids previously for many purposes, but with the wide availability, the multitude of services, and increased awareness, people are preferring to have aerial photography through drones due to the amazing perspective it captures.

Aerial drone photography is used in commercial real estate for 3-D aerial views of the properties, in weddings and parties, for movie production (whether educational or commercial), among other uses.

Land: Aerial photography of land makes excellent planning and routing guides for construction as well for hikers and adventurers. the whole area can easily be seen through a drone camera and plans made accordingly.

Commercial Real estate: Selling and buying real estate is facilitated with aerial views and photographs of the property that provide a full view of the property from all sides, resulting in better deals and negotiations. We will elaborate more on this topic further in the post.

Weddings and Parties: Aerial views of events and occasional parties are all the hype now, with many people using the services of drone photography for the best results. This is because aerial drone photography, like Indy Aerial photography, can provide high-resolution, vivid, and bright pictures, such as group photos, that make for exceptional memories.

Buildings: Construction and similar services can be improved through aerial photography as it provides three-dimensional views of the area.

Aerial Drone Video, a service provided by Indy Aerial Drone Photography, gives the clients high definition unique videos of skylines and landscapes, in a variety of formats like time-lapse, motion pictures, and slow-motion footages.

Benefits of Using Drones for Aerial photography

Drones have not only made aerial photography convenient and easily accessible to everyone, but they also provide many other benefits that make them the ultimate choice for aerial photography. Here is how the world of photography has changed due to drones.

Cost-effective: Rather than flying on expensive private planes and helicopters, where there is also a danger and risk of injury, drones provide a cost-effective way of aerial photographs that do not break the bank and are a much safer option.

Better photographs: Drones can give much better aerial photographs than other traditional methods, like overhead flying mentioned above, because of the stability of the camera. There is no need to hold the drone still or maintain its position repeatedly since most modern drones have technologies for supporting stability and structure.

More Dimensions: With drone for aerial photography, your artistic sense is not limited to direction, you can move the drone up, down, left, or right, rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise, and take engaging zoomed videos easily. Such fluidity of not available with traditional methods, even with ground photography where the photographers have to move in different, and sometimes uncomfortable, positions to get the best shots.

Simulations: Drones offer opportunities for exploration and creating simulation videos that allow viewers to feel like they are present at the place. You can use drones for creating amazing and inspiring videos for travel blogs, personal sharing, or business use, that showcase an entire area in one go rather than several individual shots. Similarly, you can also use drone aerial photography to create virtual trips and tours of a place for people to see, such as the view from the Empire Estate Building, or a walk through the Bottleworks District in Indianapolis. Businesses can even use these for the promotion of their new outlets. These virtual tours are a great way to attract tourists and customers who would wish to see the real place after such wonderful simulations.

Smooth tracking: It becomes much easier to track the progress of something through a drone attached to your controlling device than to manually follow it or have it followed through other flying means. The bride and groom's progress and entrance in the wedding venue, for example, can easily be followed and captured on camera. The same is true for wildlife photography, where the drone camera can efficiently capture high-quality images and motion pictures that would have been difficult to achieve manually.

Types of Aerial Photography

There are many different types of photographs that you can get through aerial drone photography, some of which are mentioned below, and all of these different types of photographs are offered by Indy Aerial Drone Photography.

Close-up: Providing a detailed and focused view of a building, property, or aspect of nature, that showcases and highlights its features. These photographs may be taken from different angles, often showing the full front façade of the subject.

Wide Images: Opposite of closeup images, wide images show the general view of an area, encompassing all the surrounding buildings, landscapes, and objects. Wide photographs are popular for capturing skylines and residential areas.

Panorama: these images tend to capture the widest angles of the view, often going 360-degrees for a full view, and are a form of wide images.

Obelisk: This type of aerial photography is taken from a high point at an angle towards the ground, an elevation angle, that allows for a lot of variation in the photographs.

Full Vertical: These aerial pictures provide the full view of a place from directly overhead. These pictures are often used as guides for direction, distance, and routes.

Commercial Real estate

One of the most important uses of Aerial drone photography is for commercial real estate. It is becoming widely popular with many real estate agencies as drone imagery provides accurate and easy judgment of the location of the property.

For apartments and condominiums, real estate drone photography helps in showing the amazing views and numerous nearby facilities that are available with the accommodation. Real estate agencies can show nearby amenities, buildings, popular sites, and roads.

Real estate properties are shown at the best features and look with stunning aerial drone photography that makes it much easier to sell real estate assets and land. People are also more likely to buy a property when they have multiple, multidimensional views that showcase the best points of the buildings.

Even retail stores, supermarkets, shopping districts, and empty land areas can be highlighted in the best way with drone aerial photography. You can easily see the paring area, the neighborhood, proximity to roads and railway, and the ease of access of any location on your commercial real estate portfolio. For houses, you can see the pathways, sidewalks, gardens, and backyards, as well as the size of the property relative to the house, which when showed in full through aerial photography, add to the appeal of the property itself.

For the best commercial real estate aerial photography in Indianapolis and surrounding cities, you can contact Indy Aerial Drone Photography. They will provide high resolution, impactful, and captivating photos of your real estate properties that will only increase your business and sales. After all, great infrastructure is shown at its best from the sky, and that is what aerial photography aims to do with commercial real estate.


Aerial Drone photography is the most versatile and engaging new technology that opens up limitless possibilities in the field of photography. It can be used to explore unknown trails and tracks, capture beautiful memories from up ahead, show captivating city skylines, and emphasize the beautiful nature’s scenery. You can use aerial photography for elevating your commercial real estate business and make buying and selling property easier and more convenient. Indy Aerial Drone Photography is the best of its kind in Indianapolis, providing you with the views of the city at affordable price plans. Whether you are looking for single projects or picture series, Indy Aerial Drone photography meets all your needs for aerial photography in Indy city.


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