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Indy night photos. Night photography in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indianapolis is a growing city. Lots of construction throughout. More and more apartment buildings, large buildings, and just lots of different things under construction. Indianapolis keeps growing and growing.

Indianapolis has a long tradition of doing a large Christmas tree on what is referred to as monument circle. This always brings lots of tourists and the locals to the circle of lights. Here is a photo below of monument circle in Indianapolis around the Christmas season.

How about the skyline around Victory Field at night. This is home to the Indianapolis Indians. The Indians are a triple A team affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Victory Field is near the J.W. Marriott just at the corner of Maryland and West streets. Check out this photo below of Victory Field and the Indianapolis skyline.

From the other corner of the Downtown Indianapolis area we have the view of the skyline from the other side.

How about a photo shot straight down Meridian street. Off in the distance you can see monument circle in the photo. Also you can see the Salesforce building, Bank of America, BMO, the Regions tower and many more. Check out the photo below.

Check out the photo of the Indianapolis war memorial below and Obelisk square.

White River and White River state park. Just west of the main Downtown area in Indianapolis. Taken near Washington street.

These are just a few of the night photos we have collected so far in the Downtown Indianapolis area. Indianapolis is sure has a beautiful night scene as many cities do.

Are you a tourist looking for a growing city to visit? Indianapolis might be worth a stop.

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