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Sell More Real Estate Listings with Drone Photography

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The real estate market in Indiana is strong and getting stronger. There is no other city in the Hoosier state that exemplifies this more clearly than the capitol city itself, Indianapolis. There are over 1300 real estate agents in Indy alone. Competition to get listings is fierce. Top agents rely on proven marketing tactics to improve their odds and sell more listings. Drone photography is a powerful tool every listing agent should consider.

Sellers Hire Agents that Use Drone Photography

Sellers have an incredible amount of choice when hiring a listing agent. Listing agents have to separate themselves from a crowded field of eager agents. Prospective seller clients want to know how their agent plans to market their property. Incorporating drone photography as part of the marketing plan is a proven way to win listings. In fact, one study on drone photography's impact on real estate showed that 83% of surveyed home sellers said they would be more likely to hire an agent who used drone photography. Listing agents gain an impressive edge in winning listings from prospective seller clients when they present drone photography as part of the marketing plan. 

Top Agents Use Drone Photography More than Average Agents

Real estate agents who want to take their business from average to high volume must incorporate drone photography in their suite of services. How do top agents in Indy compare to average agents? Top seller agents in Indy sell nearly twice as many homes, make over 35% more dollars for their sellers, and close sales over 44 days faster than their average counterparts. One of the ways these agents rise to the top of the ranks is with effective marketing, both of themselves to their potential clients and of their listed properties. Data shows that high-volume agents use drone photography 3.5 times more often than low-volume agents. 

Improve Click Rates and Increase Showings with Aerial Feature Photos

Online advertisement is an integral component to every real estate agents marketing efforts. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that about 75% of REALTORS® use social media for professional purposes. The NAR also reports that an astounding 93% of buyers begin their home search online. The importance of promoting the most impressive and favorable image of a listing online cannot be understated. Dr9one photography is the best way to capture a feature image that will convert views to clicks. Those clicks drive buyers to book showings. An aerial feature photo has the potential to improve click rates and increase the number of showings for a listing. 

Drone Photography Allows Buyers to See Beyond the Listed Property

Buyers are not in the market for four walls with a roof on top. They are investing in a lifestyle that encompasses everything from the architectural style of surrounding homes to the area schools to the shopping and dining available. Drone photography makes it possible for buyers to look beyond the listed home itself. Aerial footage makes it easy for buyers to see the quality of life being offered with a particular property, right in the palm of their hand.

Drone photography is a must for any agent that wants to land more listings, increase sales volume, convert online views to showings, and market more effectively. Indy Aerial Drone Photography is ready to take your listing to the next level anywhere in the great state of Indiana. Get in touch today to learn how we work with agents to sell listings. 

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