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What you need when you're wanting a business promotional video.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021


Business Promotional Video

Indy Aerial Drone Photography LLC has been asked several times recently for quotes of business promotional videos. When it comes to making a video for you we are going to have questions. If you just need ground or aerial video clips the cost is going to be lower because of the less time we spend in Adobe.

Some of the questions we may ask for your business videos: How long of a video would you like? What are you looking for in your video as far as filming? Do you have text for your business video? Is this for social media or do you need 4k Television quality? Do you have voice over for your video or any audio clips? What kind of text would you like to add to your promotional video? What's your budget? ...........

Having a video for your website or social media pages really goes a long way. Facebook and YouTube being the most popular but there are plenty of others.

Business videos can be made for many reasons. At Indy Aerial Drone Photography LLC we use our drone to make some video clips and put together a masterpiece that has endless uses for a small investment.

We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana but travel around the state.

Indy Aerial Drone Photography LLC

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